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Flavored E-Liquid could be banned in the United States soon thanks to S.3319. Seriously. 

The time to fight back is now. Join us!


CASSA.ORG ~ The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association
Take action! Get your vape education! Keep an open mind and help save lives!!!
Be proactive and join CASSA.ORG! Save your rights to VAPE!!!


AVA American Vaping Association ~
The AVA is a nonprofit advocacy group that champions the use of vapor products and electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit.
******************************************************************************************************************** ~ Take Action by sending a message to urge your representative
to co-sponsor HR 1136.
From the people who destroy public trust comes the notion that the vaping industry is the tobacco industry. Nothing is further from the truth.
Vapor companies are NOT Big Tobacco.
Vaping is NOT smoking.
*Vapor dissipates in 11 seconds. Smoke lingers for 20 minutes!*


R2B Smoke Free Coalition


The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition is a non-profit, industry-led trade association of e-vapor businesses dedicated to promoting the interests

of the industry by advocating for reasonable and responsible laws and regulations, and fighting for the right of vapers to be smoke-free.


SFATA ~ Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association

Subscribe to the newsletter and get alerts when there are timely and specific activities going on that could impact our industry.


AEMSA ~ American E-Liquid Manufacturer Standards Association

AEMSA advocates electronic cigarette products for ADULT USE ONLY!!!

AEMSA supports ban on sales to minor!!!

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