Efest Lush Q4 Battery Charger


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Efest Lush Q4 Battery Charger, Accessory,  Efest,- Lone Star Vapors
Efest Lush Q4 Battery Charger, Accessory,  Efest,- Lone Star Vapors

Efest, one of the premier manufacturers of Li-Ion batteries and chargers, brings you the Lush Q4, a top-tier charger at a budget price. Featuring a quad battery bay layout, the Lush Q4 is capable of charging a wide variety of different Li-Ion batteries, from tiny 10440s up to massive 26650s. The high quality piano wire springs guarantee smooth travel when inserting batteries, and the chromium contacts provide low resistance between the batteries and the charger, allowing faster charging. Regarding charging modes, the Lush Q4 provides three different charging speeds, starting with a 0.5A mode for trickle charging, a moderate 1.0A mode, and 2.0A mode used for fast charging. Battery status is displayed via the intuitive, easy to read LED indicators that slowly change to present the exact state of the cells. A must have for those looking for safe hardware who also don't want to break the bank, the Efest Lush Q4 will make both your wallet and your batteries happy.


  • Charging Modes: 2.0A, 1.0A, 0.5A
  • Auto-stop when fully charged
  • Auto-recharge when voltage lower than 4.05V
  • Protections: Over-Discharge, Over-Voltage, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Independent battery slot monitors

Package Includes:

  • Lush Q4 Charger Body
  • AC Adapter
  • Operation Manual
  • Warranty Card